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Free Bird exists since 1994 and is by far the largest store for records and other sound carriers in Croatia and beyond. In its range, there are always about 80.000, mostly second hand, but also new, gramophone records CDs, DVDs, memorabilia, and Hi-Fi components and other music devices, as well as a large selection of all the things that music collector would need, such as gramophone needles, protective covers, brushes, sprays, etc.

The specificity of Free Bird is that in its electronic service, it also provides maintenance and repair services for your music devices.

What we are especially proud of are the always present special offers and sales. For example, in our outlet at prices between 0.13€ and 4, you can choose from tens of thousands of records, CDs, DVDs, music magazines, record folders, music devices, etc.

Our regular offer always includes tens of thousands of items that are sold with a 50% or 30% discount or on the "TAKE 3 - PAY 2" offer.

What we are especially proud of is that FREE BIRD HAS A GIFT FOR EVERYONE WHO BUYS IN OUR STORE ANYTHING MORE EXPENSIVE THAN 2€. In our gift box, there is always a selection of records, CDs, DVDs and other things from which you can choose your gift.

Free Bird's system has always been based on listening to what customers want and don't want. This is how we developed a sales system that does not allow a title to be offered indefinitely at the same price, even if no one wants to buy it.

Our goal is that no customer, no matter how often he visits us, finds the exact same situation in the store as in the previous visit. That's why you'll always find something new in Free Bird, whether it's a new album collection or a new discount.

Join the community of our regular customers, because Free Bird is always worth a visit. Maybe today you will find an LP that you have been looking for without success for a good part of your life, and maybe the one that you considered too expensive is much cheaper from today. We always wanted our offer to be without a doubt the most dynamic in the field, which is why we have created a continuous circle in which constant bargain sales open enough financial and physical space which allows us to continuously purchase new collections with many rare editions that you will hardly see anywhere else. let alone be able to buy.

Free Bird, of course, also buys records, so everyone who might want to sell their records, CDs or some other things that exist in our range is always welcome. The assessment will be made immediately and you will receive the estimated amount immediately. If your collection is larger or if for some reason you are simply unable to bring it to us for evaluation, we will be very happy to come to your place.

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