Preuzimanje kataloga / Download catalogues

CD/DVD xls in .zip ~350Kb
VINYL RECORDS xls in .zip ~500Kb
HI-FI xls in .zip ~20Kb

How to buy

We currently use PayPal to allow you to purchase goods.

Here are purchase steps:

  1. select items from our store
    - number of selected items and total price is always visible on right side
  2. Check your order
  3. Confirm your order
  4. Fill in your personal data (no credit card number, just your mail and shipping address is mandatory) and confirm
  5. Your order will be sent to your and our e-mail address
  6. We're checking availability of ordered items (some of them  may have been sold in the meantime in our local store)
  7. You'll receive e-mail with invoice with final price (available items + shipping) and the money request from paypal
  8. Item will be shipped at most four days after received payment.